October Council Minutes

Messiah Lutheran Church Council Minutes

(these minutes will be approved at the November Council meeting)

October 6, 2019

Council Members present: Pastor Amy Truhe, President Pari Ford, Becky Anderson, Kirsten Bruce, Lois Carlson, Gavin Doughty, Chock Hefner, Ted Kessinger, Linda Lewis, Muriel Gentine, Warren Olson. Absent: Ingrid Pohl, Anya Pohl.

Opening Prayer: Pastor Amy Truhe Reports:

Secretary: Minutes of the September 18, 2019 meeting M/S/C.
Treasurer: Report M/S/C. Chock asked for clarification of expenses of $12,000.
Pastor: As written
President’s report: Attended Vital Congregations workshop in Kansas City on small churches.

Old Business: Warren will check with Sunflower Restaurant Supply regarding the cost of a triple sink. An on-demand water heater was recommended.

New Business:

Names were submitted for new council members. Ted will follow up with these names. Pari has agreed to remain on council.

All members also need to be talking about budget and to submit budget numbers to Muriel by the end of October.

Personalized letters will be sent to all inactive members to determine the status of their church membership.

Smoky Valley Foundation and Nutt grants are due by Nov. 1.

Committee Reports:

Property – Chock will have a report at the November meeting. Devotions: No devotions

Linda will lead devotions next month on Chapter 6.
Next MELC Council Meeting: Sunday, November 3 at 11:00 am.


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