Continuing the tradition going back to the late 19th century

We will be collecting our Thankoffering envelopes at our November 20th meeting and during our Sunday worship on the 24th.

Thankofferings show gratitude for God’s blessings and give us an important and tangible way to express that gratitude. It is a tradition grounded in our celebration of community, of meeting together to joyfully give thanks for what God has given us. Thankofferings have always been, and still are, our opportunity to say thank you to God in both significant and ordinary moments.”

What are some ways we are helping others through our Thankofferings? Our Thankofferings support the total outreach of the organization. The entire congregation is encouraged to give to the ministry efforts of our women which include communication ministries, justice and advocacy work, triennial conventions, and other programs including global education, crisis-cultural experiences, stewardships and so much more. “A Thankoffering is gratitude in action.” (taken from the W/ELCA website)

There will soon be a large decorated box for Christmas gifts for Bethany Home residents for their party on December 12th. Please do not wrap gifts. The deadline is November 24, if possible! There are 28 men and 68 women. Below is a helpful list of gifts:

500 piece puzzles, cross stitch, bead arts & crafts, Chapstick, spray perfume, spray cologne, women’s body wash, men’s body wash,women’s lotion, men’s lotion, body sprays for men and women from Bath & Body Works or Ross, Slip-grip socks, men’s and women’s deodorant, men’s pajamas, body pillows, cookies, candy, chocolate, nail polish, clear nail polish, 4x men’s undershirts, 1x men’sundershirts, Pop – Root Beer, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, crossword puzzles, extra large print word seach books, KS Buffet gift cards, gift cards to Walm-Mart, Dollar Store, Lowe’s, Painting supplies and canvas, electric razors.

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