Take Note! – December

By Jeanne Ahlers

Preparations are beginning for this year’s Christmas Candlelight Service, “Candles & Carols” by Mark Hayes. It promises to be a great beginning to the Christmas season.

The tradition of the Candlelight Service at Messiah Lutheran Church is of long standing. It was begun in 1935 by Professor Arvid Wallin, who was the organist and choir director of the church. During this country’s dark days, he felt that the gift of music would lift the spirits of all. It became an annual event, and continues to offer spiritual brightness despite the darkness which still prevails in much of the world and in many people’s lives.

Participants include the Senior Choir, though anyone who would like to take part in the service is warmly welcomed. Rehearsals are at 8:15 a.m. on Sundays as part of the regular choir rehearsals.

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