Take Note!

By Jeanne Ahlers

Winter is now upon us, and we are in the darkest season of the year. Now that the brightness and cheer of the Christmas season is behind us, it would seem that we are faced with a long gloomy stretch of time before the first signs of spring point to a warmer, more vital time. But is that the whole story?

January begins with Epiphany. That’s the time to think of the brilliant star that led the Magi to Bethlehem. It’s the start of a new year, with its special gifts of possibilities. It’s also, here, time to consider the Messiah Festival. The chorus, led by our own choir director, Mark Lucas, experiences the story of how light came into a darkened world. And of course, it points toward Easter and spring.

Weather has affected our church’s music program already, with the postponement of the traditional Christmas Candlelight Service. It’s now scheduled for January 5 … the day before Epiphany! Candles will fill the sanctuary with a growing light. Won’t that be a wonderful symbol for the coming days?

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