January Council Minutes

Messiah Lutheran Church Council Minutes

(these minutes will be approved at the February Council meeting)

January 8, 2020

Council Members present: Pastor Amy Truhe, Becky Anderson, Kirsten Bruce, Lois Carlson, Gavin Doughty, Pari Ford, Chock Hefner, Linda Lewis, Muriel Gentine, Ted Kessinger, Ingrid Pohl.
Absent: Warren Olson, Anya Pohl.

Opening Prayer: Pastor Amy Truhe Reports:

Treasurer Chris Reinert reviewed the proposed 2020 Budget.
Motion to recommend budget as printed with suggestion to add these line items under 710 Worship:

  • 711 Worship & Altar $3,000
  • 712 Music $500
  • 713 Bethany College Scholarship $1,500.

This budget will be revisited at the end of April 2020. MSC.
Retirement for Pastor will be reduced from 15% to 10% for 2020 and the call will remain at MELC.
Motion to give Chris Reinert online access to the $50, 000.00 account. MSC

Secretary: Approval of minutes of the December 8, 2019 meeting MSC. Treasurer: Report included the 2020 budget. MSC.
Pastor: see written report.
President’s report: No report.

Old Business: An on-demand hot water heater for under the sink is still recommended. We will next check with the KDHE requirements for our needs.

New Business:

Annual Meeting is January 19, 2020 following worship.

Motion to approve Betty Russin to fill a 3-year term on the Mission Outreach Committee. MSC

Council will ask Jake Lucas to be the Youth representative for 2020
Discussed idea of having a “Chat time” as an opportunity for members to ask questions, give ideas, etc.
Motion to designate 2019 Christmas Eve offering as startup funds for a Food Bank. MSC A grant will be written to the Nutt Foundation asking for funding for a Food Bank.
Motion for MELC to endorse Karol Carr into the PMA program. MSC
Pastor Amy recommended a task force to restructure committees.
Worship time: Survey will be emailed. Becky reported that 108 members attend 2 times a year.

Committee Reports: No committee reports this month.

Devotions: Gavin Doughty – Blessed to Follow, Chapter

Next MELC Council Meeting: Wednesday February 19 at 6:30.

Devotions for January: Pastor Amy

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