March Council Minutes

Messiah Lutheran Congregation Council Minutes

(these minutes will be approved at the April council meeting)

March 7, 2020

(Council retreat and meeting were combined this month.)

Council Members present: Pastor Amy Truhe, President Kirsten Bruce, Becky Anderson, Lois Carlson, Gavin Doughty, Linda

Lewis, Mary Lindgren, Muriel Gentine, Robert Peterson, Ingrid Pohl. Absent: Warren Olson

Opening Prayer: Pastor Amy Reports:

Secretary: Approval of Minutes from February M/S/P

Treasurer: No report. 2020 budget was discussed. Pastor Amy, Kirsten and Muriel will meet with treasurer Chris Reinert to make any changes. The budget will be brought to the congregation for a vote of approval on March 29.


President: No report

Old Business:

Approval for Mark Flynn to install a pump and timer on the hot water heater and a valve under the sink in the kitchen to have instant hot water. The estimated cost is around $700.00.

New Business:
Council Installation – March 8

Church Survey – Read through the survey, Linda Lewis will summarize it to present to congregation.

Spring Clean-up – March 28 from 9 – 12, inside and outside

April 14 – Bethany College Campus Ministry Pancake feed # 2. The first one netted $450.00.

May 2 – Garage Sale from 8 – 12.

May 26 – 29 – VBS at MELC

Food Bank Proposal – Motion for MELC to sponsor the Food Bank project. MSP. A grant for $21,000 has been written for MELC to pilot the Food Bank project for the city of Lindsborg. A temporary space would be in a corner of the Fellowship Room.

Bread Ministry – Open to all ages to bake bread and give it away. Other Business:

Approval for Mark Flynn to replace 5 light fixtures in the Sprout House Nursery with LED fixtures. Estimated cost is $720.00.

Fundraisers – It is hoped to raise around $5,000.00.

Property – Motion for Tim Jordan Masonry to repair exterior brick and mortar not to exceed $8,000.00. MSP

Committee Reports:

Christian Ed – Pari Ford
Fellowship – Gavin Doughty
Finance & Stewardship – Becky Anderson Global Mission – Warren Olson
Outreach & Caring – Ingrid Pohl
Property – Robert Peterson
Staff Relations – Kirsten Bruce
TACOL – Linda Lewis
Worship & Music – Lois Carlson
Youth – (Jeanne Lucas) Anya Pohl Women of ELCA – Mary Lindgren Memorial – (Dixie Mattas)

Next Executive Committee Meeting:
Next MELC Council Meeting: Wednesday April 15 at 6:30 PM Devotions:

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